"The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood."

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the closer i get to going on this stupid date the more i don’t want to.

i’m torn.

my head is saying i need to grow up and find a guy that has money and is ready to settle down and has a good head about him.

my heart is saying i’m an artist and i could only ever be happy with another artist. i’m wild and crazy and need to find someone just as wild and crazy to keep up with me.

my stomach is saying, “bitch, you just ate fruity pebbles for dinner. find yourself a rich-husband already, this shit’s getting old.”

i call this point in my life, “pocahontas river-spilt syndrome”

like the harsh reality of life is starting to weigh down on me but deep-down, i don’t want to be a sell-out.


Questions we’ve all been wondering about, and to clarify I mean blind from birth and deaf from birth. 


People who are blind from birth cannot create visual clues in their brains, so their dreams are all about their other senses. Many people who are born blind claim to “see” images in their dreams, but what they’re actually referring to is an experience, rather than a picture.

In the Hartford study, a congenitally blind 46-year-old man reported a dream in which he went to the hospital to see his first grandchild. Upon questioning, it came to light that what he referred to as “seeing the baby for the first time” actually meant the experience of meeting him, hearing him cry and holding him.

Similar experiences were reported by other study participants, who also referred to “seeing” when describing scenes from their dreams, even though the scenes were based completely on tactile and auditory memories.  



There was an interesting thread on Quora.com that asked this question.

One participant states, ‘I have a “voice” in my head, but it is not sound-based. I am a visual being, so in my head, I either see ASL [American Sign Language] signs, or pictures, or sometimes printed words.’

Scrounging around different threads this seems to be the case. 


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peace & blessings, baby boy

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"Love one another"

- George Harrison’s last words (via thebeatlespls)

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